The Hub & Spoke of Education

A straight drive on the very busy, dusty and construction laden Sohna Road of Gurgaon, India may lead you to a sharp left from raging traffic into the quiet Dhunela village. Nestled between lush green stretches of farm land, silhouettes of distant sky scrapers of the millennium city and under the shadows of ever increasing SEZ`s and forthcoming upscale residential townships lays the beacon of hope- The world class integrated education campus being built exclusively for the underprivileged child.

The 5-acre land with built up space of 210,000 sq. ft for the Lotus Petal Foundation Senior Secondary School at Dhunela, Gurgaon, India has been purchased in 2017. Construction of the school has already commenced. The design structure of the campus includes 4 main blocks consisting of well-lit and ventilated virtual and physical classrooms; play areas for the children; computer, language and skill training labs and a fully mechanized kitchen on campus to produce well balanced freshly cooked meals twice a day, all cohesively put together to develop the best outcome-based learning environment for the child.

For the new setup, Lotus Petal Foundation is drawing on its experience of successfully operating a school at the original campus in central Gurgaon in the Silokhera village for the last 9 years. The academic and infrastructural interventions executed at the multiple government schools have yielded effective results. The high impact interventions in the spheres of Education, Healthcare and Nutrition at the Silokhera Campus established in 2011 has had enormous success and has transformed the lives of over 12,000 beneficiaries, some graduates working in multinationals and studying in medical school.

The Lotus Petal senior secondary school at Dhunela will be CBSE affiliated and has facilities which are at par with private institutions. In all, a setup which will provide both quality facilities and dignity to the child. The predicted impact will reach over 3,000 children by 2023 and 17,000+ children by 2027. Not only will the school benefit its own students, but the advantages will extend to those in neighboring government schools. Such an ecosystem where the classes are beamed to distant government schools every day from a virtual classroom in the current Lotus Petal campus are providing uninterrupted learning where teachers are in short supply.

Following the Hub and Spoke model the Dhunela Campus will act as the central point and teacher training facilities, infrastructural support and all other assistance will be provided to over 100 government schools in the vicinity.

The development of the Lotus Petal Foundation Senior Secondary school will help the overall community in the area to grow, be empowered and transform as a whole. An endeavor that will truly transform lives, one child at a time.

Classes for the academic session at the campus to begin in April 2022.

Join the movement. Transform lives forever. Pick A Brick. Build A Future.